Saturday, February 28, 2009

Make your own Ink Pads for kids using Re-Inkers!

My kids love watching me use rubber stamps when I scrapbook, and over the years I have bought them some rubber stamps of their own. Hobby stores like Michaels & Hobby Lobby have sets of foam stamps for $1.00 with lots of kid designs to choose from.

The problem I run into, is letting them use my ink pads. With my kids being 5 & 4 years old, I don't quite trust them with my $6.00 ink pads. And of course each child wants their own ink pads. And although you can find $1.00 ink pads at some stores, I don't recommend purchasing them. $1.00 Ink Pads usually don't have much ink on them & dry up before you have the chance to use them more than once.
What I recommend is making your own ink pads. This can easily be done with the following:
  • A baby wipe
  • A small foam plate
  • re-inkers

All you need to do is squeeze around 8 drops of each color onto the baby wipe & voila!

I purchase my Re-Inkers through Stampin Up. They run $2.95 per bottle, and can also be used to dye ribbon, re-ink your Stampin Up ink pads and much more. With 58 colors to choose from the possibilities are endless.

Depending on what your using your re-inkers for, they can last a very long time!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eyelet Lover Layout

Here is a layout I created today for Author Jane Porter. The subject is her niece Krystyna and was taken on their trip to Europe.

  • I choose paper based on the colors in the pictures. I love the pink, Dark gray & light gray combo!

  • I used The Cricut to create the K, and tied Stampin Up Organza ribbon around the top of it for added embellishment.
  • I think the eyelets create a nice accent to the page without overkill.

Here is a Squidoo page I created about choosing the Best Eyelet Setter

And here is the layout idea I scraplifted for this page:

Thanks for looking!