Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 Goals Album Class

The Scrapbook List

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I would like to do that” and then carried on with life without giving it a second thought? Now is your chance to turn those thoughts into reality.

I’ve found this project especially rewarding for three main reasons:

1) Every time you add a new page to your album, you are inspired to accomplish something else—to experience something else.

2) How cool would it be to leaf through a book containing all of your major accomplishments? So cool and very empowering. Everyone should feel empowered by their own achievements.

3) I can’t think of a better way to really share who you are with friends, children, and grandchildren than through the goals you set and what you have accomplished.

Getting Started
If you haven’t started scrapbooking,
the beginning of the year is the
perfect time to begin and this is
the perfect project.

1 Get a fresh album and customize it like Stampin Up did on their 2010 Goals album.
Dedicate the album to the upcoming year.

2 Think about things you’d really like to do and then write down several things to accomplish this year either individually or as a family. Make a page out of this list, and insert it into the album you created. Ten or twelve goals for the year would work out to be almost one goal each
month but wouldn't be too overwhelming.

3 Make sure your goals are achievable and have an estimated end date. A goal of being a better cook is great, but hard to define. You’d have a much easier time setting and accomplishing the goal to take a cooking class and make 10 dishes you learned there. You’ll also want to set goals
and work on them throughout the year—you wouldn’t want to wait to get them all done by December or you’ll be in a crunch during the holidays!

4 Devote a page or spread to the accomplishment of each goal so that by the end of December you can look back and appreciate all the work you’ve done throughout the year. Don’t forget to record how you felt about each accomplishment. Some, like running a half marathon, will be best captured by the emotions you felt, the ups and downs of the journey, and the elation at the finish line. The photo and the running bib just
enhance the experience.

5 Save scraps from the goals you achieve. If your family goes on a hike, save a leaf or a small memento from the hike to add to your page. Or save your ticket stub or program when you finally make it to the Shakespeare Festival to commemorate the occasion. You can see in the
Number 8 page how Christina used photos of a family hike to capture the event. On a facing page, you could create a journaling block with your favorite things you saw on the hike and accent it with the leaf you saved from the hike.

I love the idea of recording all your goals for the year and then capturing those special moments
as you accomplish them. At the end of the year, you’ll be able to look back and have a succinct record of what you’ve accomplished during twelve short months. You’ll also be creating a treasured book of fond memories and impressive undertakings. New Year’s resolutions have never been so inspiring. So let's get started!!

2010 Goals Album Class info: Class Fee only $25!

There are 2 options for this class.
First is our Monthly ongoing class: This class will meet once a month throughout the year. We will meet monthly to help encourage ourselves and others to achieve our monthly goal and to create/complete a page dedicated to our accomplishments.
Or if you are unable to commit to meeting once a month you can also create your scrapbook in one night! Ask for details

Price includes:
  • 8-1/2" x 8-1/2" 3 ring, chipboard album (as shown in the above photo) which includes 10 page protectors.

  • Cardstock & tools to complete your album.

  • Layouts will be provided for each page

And of course I will be there to offer tips and suggestions

*Please provide your own adhesive, or add $5 to include adhesive.

If you have any questions please let me know.

This class will be perfect for beginners! And great for those who procrastinate like me!